Acid Rain lyrics - Alexis Jordan (feat. J. Cole)

[J. Cole]
It ain’t hard to tell, I excel and prevail
Young niggas rising hell but talk well
Make sales, I managed to re-fake jail
Blast on the road to success was unpaved land
But here we are, breathing, fuck demons
Never get caught sleeping, I’d rather be caught dreaming
Now me and my niggas be flying across seas
Laughing at the days we used to rack tall T’s
Now we rock shows up in London, wondering
How they even heard of me
Never did occur to me if I get to the top one day
Lotta niggas gonna be sending shots my way
Could’ve been the worst that I shot then say
Across the bear hoes you never got complain
One day, though, some day is on
One day you’re here, next day you’re gone

Wake up with the fear of living for another day
Tell myself that it’s nothing that I can’t take
Your strength is the sickness I can’t hide
I try to be invisible to him
Make no noise, tip toe through everything
Hell’s fury feeds the fear inside

It’s like acid rain in a hurricane
Might hear your call to bring you …